Discover Spanish Heritage in the United States: 5 Remarkable Cities

While there is some awareness of Spanish heritage and its colonial past in the United States, most people are not as familiar with the role Spain played in shaping US history. The narrative taught in many schools and shown in films often emphasizes English colonial history – particularly the thirteen colonies, the American Revolution, and westward expansion.

However, the Spanish have left a significant imprint on the United States, from architecture and festivals to language and cuisine. To discover this side of the U.S. be sure to apply for a tourist visa ahead of your trip. Most visas take at least a few weeks to process. 

Here, we delve into five cities that boast significant Spanish heritage, providing a fascinating glimpse into the past and a cultural experience unlike any other.

A Quick Glimpse of Spanish Influence in the U.S. 

Spanish exploration of the New World began with Christopher Columbus’s voyage

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