How to Beat Loneliness When You’re Travelling On Your Own

Solo travel is an enriching and character-building experience. However, with all the highs it provides also come the lows. While discovering new cultures and soaking in the excitement of the whole expedition, at times, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the sense of consuming loneliness.

Braving it alone and immersing yourself in the unfamiliar is one of the most remarkable ways to gain a life-changing understanding of yourself and the world around you. But when things don’t go according to plan, or you start feeling like you need a reassuring hug from someone you love, you need to act quickly to ensure that the traveller’s blues don’t take hold

Sometimes giving yourself a break from your itinerary and spending some time talking to friends and family via Facetime is enough. Other times, you may need to distract yourself with an activity or self-care exercise. Whatever the remedy, travelling the

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