How to Sell Your Belongings and Take Off to Travel the World

In the past few years, travelling has evolved from a hobby into a full-fledged lifestyle. Online accounts of those who downsized to become nomads and sold all they owned became viral, motivating many travellers to consider adopting the same way of life.

Think of escaping to a beach house where you can wake up to the sound of breaking waves. Abandoning everything and moving to a serene location where you may spend any time near nature is indeed tempting. If you’re ready to change your life, selling all your belongings is an excellent method to earn extra money before you embark on the adventure of a lifetime. 

Here are some practical tips that will help you gain actual knowledge of the process and organize everything seamlessly.

Where to start

Do not let your sentimental side prevent you from earning some extra bucks for your trip. Here are the two main

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