How To Start A Travel Photography Blog

If you’re fed up with posting to Instagram and want a more dynamic way of sharing your favourite travel photographs, start a travel photography blog.

Thanks to out-of-the-box web platforms like WordPress and Squarespace, creating anything from a simple photography portfolio, to complex blogs, and even e-commerce websites is realtaively simple.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through some things to consider before you get going,

Step 1: Define who you’re creating the blog for. Who will read it and want to return regularly for updates?

Your first consideration should be who you’re going to be speaking to when you’re writing your blog and sharing your travel photography. Are you speaking to professional or amateur photographs? Frequent travellers or once-a-year holidaymakers.

When you know who’s going to read your blog you can establish a tone of voice and brand aesthetic.

Step 2: Get your travel blog online Choose a memorable

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