Oenotourism: Must-See Destinations for Wine Lovers

Wine is a tipple like no other, its subtle notes of flavour tell the whole story of a region; its climate, its heritage, and the passion of the winemakers working to hone their craft.

From France to Chile, almost every country in the world has vineyards with their own distinctive wine blends. Want to plan your next oeno-trip? Then check the list below and consider adding at least one of these destinations to your itinerary.

Bordeaux, France

France is a country with a long winemaking tradition. For centuries, French people have been developing their own unique winemaking methods and styles. Thanks to the efforts of the Frenchman, everyone can add today a bottle of high-quality French wine to their fine and rare wine inventory. From the sunny Provence in the south to the colder regions of Champagne in the north, France has a lot to offer to wine

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