Stargazing Destinations in India That Will Leave You Awestruck

The thought of universe’s vastness is definitely something that leaves one humbled. The stars are a reminder of the millions of lives that have been spent on a speck of dust hanging on a sunbeam as described by Carl Sagan.

This sometimes adds a melancholic tinge to one’s thoughts when witnessing the immense beauty of the sky at night adorned by the stars. Even on nights when the sky is clear and pristine, the city lights definitely conceal the innate darkness that nature has, making the vast skies look less magnificent at night.

There are many stargazing locations in the world and across India, with many stretches of wilderness which present many revealing sights of the expansiveness of the universe. Whether you would like to see a meteor shower or the Milky Way, these locations will definitely leave you spellbound.

Neil Islands- Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Situated in

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