The Best Beaches on the Island of Nantucket 

It may be a small island, but its beaches are endless. Nantucket is famous for its unique charm and impeccable endless beaches, spread across over 80 miles of the shoreline. Although most of them are private, thanks to the rules and regulations in Nantucket, the beaches are always open and free to visit.

There are more than 25 beaches across the island, each of which has its own charm and advantages.

Some are more suitable for children, while others have bigger swells and are better for surfers. There are some popular beaches with modern amenities close by, while others are quieter and more rural.

What is the main difference between the beaches on the different coasts of Nantucket?

As a whole, the beaches on the north coast have the warmest and calmest waters as they are on the coast of the semi-enclosed Nantucket Sound. 

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