The Galapagos Cruise Guide for Budget Savvy Travellers

This Galapagos cruise guide will help you differentiate between the various classes of cruise travel offered, and ensure you get the best value trip for your money.

Since Charles Darwin first wrote about the unique and beautiful creatures and landscapes he found there in 1835, the Galapagos Islands have been a must-see destination for evolutionary biologists, conservationists, and adventure travellers alike.

Marine iguanas, giant tortoises, Darwin’s Finches, and the flightless cormorant are just a few of species that can’t be found in the wild anywhere else. Thanks to a lack of human activity, most of the creatures on Galapagos have no fear of people, and you will enjoy the closest encounters with wild, and often endangered, creatures in their natural habitat.

But the islands’ remote location, some 600-miles off the coast of Ecuador, coupled with a lack of facilities (thanks to a permanent population that was only established

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