The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Hadrian’s Wall

So you’re thinking of hiking Hadrian’s Wall? That’s awesome. Hadrian’s Wall is not only an important part of Anglo-Roman history, but it’s also a wonderful walk that crosses some of England’s most beautiful countryside. And yes, it did inspire The Wall in Game of Thrones.

Hadrian’s Wall Path is a dream for history buffs. Only 84 miles long, the trail is relatively short but packs in a lot of sites: quaint English towns, medieval castles, and, obviously, tons of Roman ruins.

I loved hiking Hadrian’s Wall Path because it’s a hike with creature comforts built-in; you can hike all day, and then retire to a cozy B&B in the evening. There’s nothing better than enjoying a warm meal and a pint after walking all day.

Hadrian’s Wall is not a wilderness trail — which is why I loved it.

Hadrian’s Wall Path

Length: 84 miles


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