What Living as an Expat in Prague is Really Like

Welcome back to Living Abroad, a series that shows you what expat life is like in cities around the world. Today we’re speaking to Riana, a Canadian freelancer living in Prague. She and her partner, Colin, are spending a year in Prague on Youth Mobility visas.

Here, Riana shares what it’s really like to live as an expat in Prague, including how she found her beautiful, light-filled apartment, the curious Czech habit of parking on the sidewalk, and what she misses most about Canada…

Quick facts about living in Prague:

Language: Czech Currency: Kč Czech koruna (CZK) Level of crime in Prague: Very Low Cost of living in Prague: Low Quality of life in Prague: Very High Cost of a beer in Prague: A pint in Prague costs approximately 30-50 CZK ($1.30 – $2.15 USD) at a restaurant. Beer here is cheaper than water!

Pros and cons of living

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