Why Aren’t You Blogging, and Other Hard Questions

Every now and then I get a well-meaning email or Facebook message from a reader.

I’ve noticed, they will write, and I can practically feel the gentle trepidation as they do so, that you seem to have fallen off the planet and are living the life of a hermit. 

And not even a *good* hermit? Like, you are still tweeting and getting angry about things on social media. You are still spending time on your computer (at this point, I imagine them shaking a stack of papers on which they have, rather interestingly, printed out my tweets and instagram posts, evidence of my digital procrastination) but it is not productive time, Geraldine. And so I was just wondering what became of you, and if you are okay, and if you’ve like, showered today.

Hello. I’m fine. I’m just trying to get my shit together, and also my mom’s shit together (after her house

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